Business Branding

The presentation of your business is an indication of the quality of your products or services. It is essential that your business represent itself well with a positive and memorable experience for your customer.

In order for your business to be successful, the world must know you exist. Successful marketing is the art of getting your product or service in front of a group of people who are interested in buying. Rather you are just starting out or are in need of re-branding, I have the solutions to fit your needs. 

I offer website development options, business development desktop guides and organizational tools to facilitate marketing techniques to ensure your product or service gets noticed and is recognized as for having high quality.   


I currently have 8 years of accounting experience; and have worked with a number of different companies and areas of accounting to gain industry knowledge from multiple perspectives. I understand that as a small business accounting may seem almost foreign but it is essential for success. 

Having a record of the ins and outs of your funds allows you to determine areas that you may be missing or under-calculating tax deductions.  I will prepare you to request business loans or grants and properly budget; you will also gain knowledge on how to accurately price your products or services compared to actual cost.

With my assistance you will be able to prepare a budget and financial statements for tax reporting purposes, determine the best software to meet your business needs, and analyze your income and expenses.      

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